Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Impromptu outing

Around 9am yesterday I decided to take the kids to a water park.

Yes. A. Water. Park.

Meaning I would have to adorn myself in a bathing suit out in public.


The Princess ventured out of her room around 9am. When she came down and was making her breakfast. I went into the master bedroom and got myself ready for the day. Washed up. Changed into my favorite bathing suit. A tankini from Lands End. Keeps me all pulled in and my tummy covered. As soon as I was ready for the day, I walked out into the family room with beach towels in one hand and their bathing suits in the other.
Me: Okay. Everyone ready to get ready for the day?
Princess: What? Where are we going? [she was in mid-bite]
Me: The water park.
Oh my good gracious. You should have seen how quickly the kids moved. Like lightening. No dragging of their feet whatsoever. Go figure, eh?

I'd never been to the water park, so I was flying blind. I didn't know where anything was situated. What I did know? That since I was the only parent...that I was going to have to lock up valuables in the lockers. I'd have to be in the water with them. I'd have to do the slides and stuff with them. And that I would NOT be able to take any photos. ARGH!

But needless to say. The kids had a great time. The place wasn't too crowded so I didn't lose my sanity. We stayed about 3 hours. Luckily I timed it so that we didn't have to buy any food there. We ate a late lunch once we got home. And when we left? It was about 104* outside. Eek! And we are all bushed when we got home. That's what sun, water, and heat will do.

What's crazy is that tonight after dinner a storm blew through. And we had a torrential downpour. Enough to knock out our power for about a half hour. Can you believe it? That's what happens during monsoon season!

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