Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ready to get back into politics?

I found out that a historic race may take place in a few months.

Apparently, the current mayor of Boston is going to run for re-election. I guess the mayor has been in office for 16 years and wants to put another 4 years under his belt. Now I don't live in Boston, but don't you think that 16 years is enough time for one person to run a city?

Someone recently announced his candidacy into the race against the long-standing mayor. A young City Council member named Sam Yoon has decided to step up so that change can happen in Boston. He graduated from Princeton but rather than go for the big bucks he decided to take a teaching position in the public schools. He's also worked in non-profit and other community organizations over the last decade. He's a married man with two young kids who is active in his church and has a fire inside him to make positive changes within Boston.

Check out these articles to read more about Sam Yoon.

Look to see who has endorsed Sam:

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