Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends and then not?

The Bear is in the first grade this year. His class is in the same classroom as his class ended up in last year, but he's got a new teacher. A new teacher at the school and a new teacher to him. She's young and energetic. I like her.

What's interesting is that the dynamic in his class has changed tremendously since last term.

How much can change in less than 3 months you ask?

Well, it turns out that more than half a dozen kids have not returned. And many of those who haven't returned? Were the Bear's buddies. A bunch of boys are now gone. Including his best buddy. And the boy that I really liked.

At the beginning of this week there were six boys in the class of twenty. Yes. SIX boys are surrounded by a gaggle of girls. Can you believe it? What's great about having so few boys is that there should be less rough-housing. Which means "hopefully" less trouble.

As of today? There are five boys. FIVE. Why? Because one of the boys is not returning. This isn't unusual at the school since kids do drop out during the first few weeks when they realize that they aren't able to handle the quantity of homework that's being assigned.

The boy from the Bear's class is not leaving by himself. His brother also left. Yes. Two siblings have left. Not because they couldn't handle the homework. Because the school didn't want to deal with these boys' behavior anymore. I didn't realize that the administrator has been working since last year to get a "handle" on these boys. And it seems that the boys' Mom was not actively working on helping improve their behavior. These two have had outbursts during class. When they are upset they'll curse like a sailor. And they are mean to the other kids. They've got anger issues. The boy in the Bear's class was actually in the 1st kindergarten group last year while the Bear was in the 2nd group, so that's why I didn't hear about this boy's behavior earlier.

But the boy leaving the school does make me a little sad for the Bear. I mean with only five other boys in the class it's inevitable that the two would hook up daily, right? And that's what happened. They became friends. And now this boy is gone.

But then again the fact that the boy has left the school does provide me with a bit of relief. Now knowing (after the fact) that he has anger issues, there will end up being less drama this school year for the 1st grade class.

Now have you had to help your child deal with friends leaving suddenly? Did your kids stay sad for a while? Or did your kids bounce back quickly?

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