Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I didn't sign him up

When I get the kids into activities, I try to make sure I know what's going on. It's important to me.

When the Hubs gets the kids into activities, I feel that I can take a "lesser" role in knowing what's going on. I mean, he signed them up so he should know what's going on.

BIG mistake.

I should know this by now. But I can't seem to get this fact through to my brain. Maybe because I'm delusional about the possibility that the Hubs will "steer". Yes?

Remember during the spring when the Hubs talked to a neighbor and we got the Bear into our community little league? Well, there we were in the line to sign up and we didn't have all the valid forms. No. We didn't. We needed 3 forms of identification that had our address on it that verified that we lived at the address we indicated we lived. THREE. I had to walk a half mile back to our car and get my insurance card. Yes. A half mile out and a half mile back. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper when I returned. But who was in charge of signing up? The Hubs. He should have asked our neighbor what we needed. But he didn't.

Last night, we got a call from the Bear's new coach for Fall Ball. He called to touch base with us and let us know that there would be an informal meet-n-greet tonight between 5-6pm at the practice field. That the first practice would be next week. The first game would be September 12th but he didn't have a time for us yet.

The Hubs and the Bear drove out to the practice field about 15 minutes ago. About 5 minutes ago, I got a call.
Me: Hello?

Hubs: Hey, it's me.

Me: Yes...

Hubs: What're the coaches names again?

Me: Uh...[searching through papers on my desk] Michael....and Jeff.

Hubs: Okay.

I go about continuing to work. Not 30 seconds later. [ring-ring]
Me: Hello?

Hubs: Uh...they didn't mention anything about a practice?

Me: The guy who called last night said that it was going to be a casual meet-n-greet kind of thing tonight. That the first real practice would be next week. I asked him specifically.

Hubs: Because the kids that are here have their gloves....

Me: Okay...

Hubs: Should I come back home and grab his glove? I mean, it's almost over...

Me: Just go over and meet his coach. It's not like he has time to practice anyway...

Hubs: Uh...okay. I guess.

I am SO irritated. I mean, the Hubs signed the Bear up. So he seriously needs to be the one asking questions and getting the answers. You know?

Okay...time to shake it off....

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