Friday, August 28, 2009

Money well spent

I finally went to a store and bought stuff...for me!


I invested about an hour to buy myself some new pieces. Since I started exercising, my shape is in flux. Y'all know what I'm talking about, right? Where your body falls between sizes? Where you're kind of lumpy in some parts and firm in others? Yeah. Although my legs are looking toned, I've still got my little muffin top. That'll take a bit of time for me to get rid of it. I've got to invest more time to sit-ups and other core exercises and lifting a little for my arms/chest/back.

So you know what I ended up buying? Dresses!

Here's my first one. I'm totally not wearing the right bra for the dress in the photo. But doesn't it make my breasts look huge?

Here's another empire-style that I purchased. I like how it flows from just under my breasts down so I don't need to be bothered about anything binding my waist. I got it in this denim color and also in a chocolate brown. But I also got it in a black-white flower pattern (see below).

What's great is that the dresses above are made of cotton, so they'll be great for the rest of the hot season here. Our hot season? It'll end at the end of October. OCTOBER!

Then there's this more dress with a black background. See where my hand is? There's a POCKET located right there and there's also one on the other side. Yes! A place to put my hands! I also got this same dress with a brown background. These are going to be my "dressier" dresses. Stuff I can wear my sandals (instead of flip-flops) with.

But if you're still looking for summer dresses? Head on over to KOHL'S! The last dress I've got up there? I got it for $10. That's right folks. TEN DOLLARS! The other dresses were about $17. So run, run, run to Kohl's ladies!

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