Friday, August 28, 2009

In full swing

Oh my goodness.

School started at the beginning of August and we're SO in full swing now.

I mean, I should have realized after the first day when the Princess had homework due the next day that it was going to be a busy year.

The Bear now has daily homework, but his stuff isn't actually due to the teacher until Friday morning.

But the Princess? She's got spelling, math, social studies, a weekly essay, and a reading book. Her class also has a daily online vocabulary quiz. Right now they have a science project going on where they observe the moon for an entire cycle. yes. EVERY night she's supposed to look at the moon about the same time and then draw it on her log sheet. The class is now on their second reading book. Every week they're supposed to have read thru to a certain chapter. They discuss the book in class at the end of the week. At the end of the book, they have a big test. Who is the protagonist. Who is the antagonist? What is the major theme of the book? For the weekly essay, they have to work on it for the entire week. They have to turn in all their paperwork including their brainstorming page, rough draft(s) and a typed final draft. Yes. They have to get on the computer and type out a final draft!

It's amazing how busy the kids are with school work. I just don't seem to remember being as busy with work as they are. busy as the Princess is. But I guess I was?

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