Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making Mommy Grumble

With the kids in school you'd think that I'd have more free time to compose more thoughtful entries. But NO! I've been swamped with work. I've also started walk/running after I drop the kids off. After getting 4 -5 hours of work under my belt, I am less than motivated to write about my observations of the day.

I know. I feel like a slacker. But really. I'm just brain tired. You know?

You all know that I love my husband. But there are moments when I want to take my palm and bang it on my forehead.

Last night as we cleaned up after dinner, I noted that the trash would be picked up in the morning.
Me: Honey?

Hubs: Yeah?

Me: Tomorrow's trash day. You going to take the trash out?

Hubs: Oh yeah. Don't worry about it.
Famous last words, eh?

This morning we're in the bathroom washing up for the day.
Me: You're taking out the trash, right?

Hubs: I told you already that I would.
I went about getting the kids' backpacks together and keeping the kids on track to get ready for the day. The Hubs finishes getting ready for work. He gives us our good-bye kisses and hugs and heads out the door.

After I hear the door close and the security door being locked, I walk into the kitchen. Ah-ha! The bag in the trashcan hasn't been touched. Grrr.... I go about getting a new bag and wrap up the filled bag. As I walk into the hallway to go out into the garage, the entry door opens and there's the Hubs.
Hubs: Oh hi! [He stops and has a surprised look on his face to see me in the hall. Holding the filled trash bag]

Me: Yeah?

Hubs: I'm taking out the trash.

Me: Oh really? Did you just remember?

Hubs: Yeah. I saw all the neighbors cans out.
Y'all? He didn't remember because I reminded him twice about it. He remembered because he saw everyone else's green trash bins outside.

How frustrated am I? Would you be?

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