Sunday, August 2, 2009

School starts tomorrow!

I am shaking with excitement because the kids start school bright and early tomorrow morning.

[doing the happy dance]

We made it through summer!!!

The kids are happy as clams. They'll be able to see their friends. They'll be away from each other most of the day. They'll be learning new things.

I'm happy that I'll be able to hanker down on my desk and plow through work without getting up to break up arguments, make meals, or clean up crumbs & dishes afterwards.

As I'm typing this, the kids are upstairs running and chasing each other while the Hubs is making soup and sandwiches for dinner.


Rebecca said...

I am sooo ready for school to start! I hope you are enjoying your day.

PS thanks for the comment on Deep South Moms!

Jen said...

This is the first time I HAVEN'T been ready! We just relocated and school has already started but my kids have not. ACK! Crazy times. What ever happened to starting after Labor Day?