Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ring-ring-ring? You ready to come back tonight?

We rarely have visitors to our house. We are definitely not the house that "everyone hangs out at."

But we've had one constant visitor in the last couple of weeks. Yup. You guessed it. The Tooth Fairy!

She came last week on Monday and Friday night. She came by again on Tuesday of this week. Three visits! And here it is Thursday. And the Tooth Fairy will again be by our house.

I am NOT kidding.

I'm totally serious.

The kidlings and I went out to eat a "special" early lunch today after dropping by the school and meeting up with the Princess' 4th grade teacher. And as we sat in my car eating (no I'm not naming the place we ate) lunch, the Princess was acting strange. She kept on touching the inside of her mouth.

Me: What's wrong?

Princess: My tooth feels weird.

Me: Well, have your Dad look at it tonight and he'll pull it.

Princess: NO! He'll get out the pliers to pull it.

Me: Princess? Your Daddy was just joking about that. [laughing as I replied]

We ate for a bit longer. Then she suddenly stops.

Princess: I've gotta look at it.

She gets up and moves forward to look at the rear-view mirror.

Princess: It's gone!

Me: Did you swallow it?

She looks down.

Princess: THERE it is!

Her darn tooth had popped out and was on the floor mat in front our her seat.


I seriously should to leave a glass of wine for the Tooth Fairy. Don't you think?

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Ben said...

Well, at least she didn't swallow it. I hope the tooth fairy enjoyed that glass of wine.