Thursday, July 30, 2009

Relief is in sight

You see the time up there? 11:33 am

You see the temperature there? 109

Yes. It's been hot here in the desert. I know that other places on the West Coast have been unusually hot as of late. Cities like San Diego and Seattle have been dealing with smoking hot weather. Thankfully those places are close to the coast. Since these places are near the coast, there are a lot of homes that aren't equipped to handle hot weather. Yup. Lots of homes (mostly older ones) don't have air conditioning. So people have been having to spend there times trying to stay cool. Going to the pool. Going to the movies. Going to the mall. I totally feel for you all!

For me? This hot weather is typical. Normal. For about 6 months of the year. Yes. We have 90+ degree days for about half the year. Then we have about 2 1/2 to 3 months of 100+ degree days. But it's normal for us. We know how to get out in the mornings to do errands and then stay in during the afternoons.

Strangely enough? The point of this isn't that we'll be getting a break to cooler weather now. The relief I'm talking about? Is that I'll only have to deal with the hot weather on my own. My own? Yes. On my own because....the kids start school on Monday. MONDAY!

Yesterday, the Bear got to meet his new 1st grade teacher. He got to see his desk. He was able to select his cubby. Today, the Princess gets to hook up with her 4th grade teacher that he already knows. Yes. We're going back. We want to see who else will be in her class this year. She wants to see where she'll be sitting and where her cubby will be located. I find that getting the kids oriented to their classes helps alleviate the stress and chaos of the first days of school.

The kids are excited about starting the new school year. I'm excited to have them back in school. We'll be back on a regular schedule. I won't have to figure out how to keep these two kidlings busy and how to keep them entertained. YEAH!

And for those of you who were curious about what the Bear's mouth looks like now without 3 teeth? Here's what he looks like now.

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M said...

Jealous here. 105 or so most afternoons and 2 more weeks until school starts.

And with both in school for the first time, I am planning how to not do very much with my new found free time!