Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boom! Thwack! Ka-POW!

The Bear sleeps hard. Why? Because he plays HARD.

Around 10am when I came walking out of my bedroom to find the Bear running past me with his hands up in the air. Normally he stops and smiles and hugs me. This time? He kept running past me.

Me: What happened?

After he spits into the sink, he turns to me with his mouth open.

Bear: My TOOF fell out!

WTF? What tooth? Didn't two teeth already fall out within the last week?

I look into the kid's mouth. Yes indeed. Another tooth had fallen out. The top right tooth. The one he'd just started working on this weekend.

Turns out that he was playing with the Princess on the couch. He was pretending to slide down the couch. With the front part of his body facing the pillows. With his mouth open. And his tooth caught on the raised trim on the edge of the seat cushion. And POPPED out of his mouth.


I'm sorry. I can't help but laugh. He's got a HUGE-mungeous gap in the front of his mouth.

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