Sunday, July 26, 2009

Are you out of money yet?


The tooth-fairy has been to our house twice this week. Yes. TWICE!

Earlier last week, the Bear and I were playing Wii. He suddenly stopped what he was doing. He looked down on the carpet and bent over. He felt the carpet with the hand that didn't have the Wii remote attached. Then he looked over at me with a perplexed look on his face.

Me: What's up?

Bear: I think I knocked my tooth out.

Me: What?

Bear: See? [opening his mouth]

Sure enough. The kid had a gap where a tooth used to be.

I felt on the carpet and found the tooth.

The tooth! The tooth! [Do you know what movie this line is from?]

What's funny is this was NOT the tooth the Bear has been working on. Granted, it was a loose tooth. But this was the SECOND loose tooth in his mouth. His first loose tooth was the top right front tooth. The tooth that he knocked out with the Wii remote was the second right lower tooth.

The tooth-fairy didn't care though. She left him some cash. The Bear was ecstatic to get some dinero and placed his money into his piggybank.

A few days went by. My kids still eat snacks. They definitely eat their meals but they have a little something between meals. On Friday, I was putting on some make-up while the Bear munched on rice cakes for his morning snack. He came into my bathroom with his hands in the air.

Bear: I los my toof!

Me: What? You did?

I looked into his mouth. Sure enough! The front top right tooth was gone.

Me: Where is it?

Bear: Ze tavle.

Me: The table?

I walked out to the breakfast nook. There it was. The tooth was sitting on the Bear's red mat. And again, the tooth-fairy came by and dropped off some cash under the Bear's pillow.

My son now has an ever so slight lisp to go along with he gappy smile. It's too cute. And guess what? That top left front tooth is loose too. His face looks so different all of a sudden.

The Bear is gonna look like something else for his 1st grade photos!

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