Saturday, July 25, 2009

I got a thumbs-up

On Friday, I actually got acquainted with a little boy named Lo-lo. I met Lo-lo when he was born but with his parents (Dentist & Lawyer) being so busy we rarely got to see them. Lo-lo is now two years old. He's rough and tumble. He howls at the moon when he doesn't get something he wants. I knew he was a highly-spirited little guy, but I didn't realize the extent of the mischief he could get into.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we had dinner at Tri-athlete/BizExec's house on Friday. Of course, Lo-lo and his parents were there since Lawyer is Tri-athlete's sister. Since there was so much family at this gathering, I figured that Lo-lo would be particular about who he interacted with. I mean, there were his aunts, his uncles, and all his cousins. You'd think that too, right?

I was wrong. I was sitting near a table on the patio and Lo-lo came up to me at least half a dozen times to "touch base" with me. He came and stood next to me. He came and wanted a hug. He came and held my hand. He even came over and sat on my lap. These encounters weren't long (maybe a few seconds each), but it surprised me. He'd just met me earlier in the day and he was doing that thing that my kids do with me when we're at parties. They'll just come over and check on me and then leave.

It was nice that Lo-lo felt comfortable enough with me to just hang out with me -- even for a little bit.

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