Friday, July 24, 2009

Unusually busy day

Remember yesterday when we had some neighborhood kids over? They actually did end up staying until a little after 4pm. They were here for FOUR hours! Do your kids playdates normally last that long? It would have lasted longer if I'd waited until one of their parents showed up.

Around 4pm the girls came downstairs and started rummaging for a snack. They each claimed a yogurt. The ones that the Princess had selected for the week. It made the Princess a little distressed tut she was a great hostess and let them have the yogurt.
Me: Okay girls. It's 4 o'clock. I think it's time to go home.

Sister#1: But I'm hungry!

Me: Princess, is it okay for them to take the yogurts?

Princess: Yes. They can. [sadness in her eyes]

Sister#2: Can't we eat it here?

Me: Naw. Let's have you bring it home. OK?

So the girls carried the yogurts with them for the walk home. The little sister? She actually opned up the yogurt a little and started to slurp the yogurt out as we walked. Yes. She consumed it like a drinking yogurt.

Anyway, as I mentioned before we were invited over today to Pump It Up. The kids were SO excited about going to the jump-castle place. I was too because it's a big indoor play area. The kids could burn some energy and get some exercise. It was actually a reunion for our neighbors.
* the yogurt girls, Tri-athlete (their dad), and BizExec (their mom)
* Grandma & Grandpa (Tri-athlete's parents)
* Lawyer (Tri-athlete's younger sister), Dentist (her husband), and Lo-lo (their son)
* Countrygirl (Tri-athlete's older sister), OregonFan(her husband), and their sons

Grandma and Grandpa had just flown in late last night. Lawyer/Dentist/Lo-lo actually live in our neighborhood. Countrygirl/OregonFan/2 sons just arrived this morning. A couple other kids that we'd never met were also in attendance. But no matter. ALL the kids played for about 1.5 hours and then we all went into the party room to eat pizza. Fun was had by all.

What's nice is that I was chatting with BizExec and she invited our family over for a BBQ tonight.
BizExec: We're going to have steaks for us adults and burgers for the kids, so come by around 6.

Me: That sounds good.

BizExec: We're going ot have the kids swim so make sure the Princess and the Bear bring their suits. It'll just be our girls and their cousins.

Me: Are you sure? Sounds like its family.

BizExec: We haven't had a chance to catch up with you and the Hubs, so we'd love to have you over.

Me: Okay. We'll be there.
Of course, I couldn't show up without bringing something. I ended up buying a bunch of fruit and brought over a container full of grapes, nectarine and strawberry slices. I must say that it was a good idea too. Because the container was almost empty when we went home.

BizExec let me know that their doorbell rang unexpected an hour before. NATS kids showed up on their doorstep with their bathing suits on with NATS close behind. Huh? NATS son had overheard BizExec talking to me about coming over so the kids could swim. The kid "ass-umed" that he and his sister were also invited. Ha! BizExec wasn't even talking to the kid!

Grandma: I only met NATS for a couple minutes and I wanted to show him out the door.

While all the kids swam, I had a blast catching up with BizExec and Tri-athlete. It was also fun getting to know the rest of the family. But I must say that spending time with this entire family group makes me yearn a bit for my own family. [sigh]

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