Sunday, August 23, 2009

Survived the "visit"

Yesterday, we drove up to see the Hubs' family.


Because we hadn't seen them in over a month. And that's just what we do.

My MIL was babysitting, so the kids were able to play with their cousin. It's still hot out here, so the kids put on their swimsuits within 45 minutes of our arrival. And I put on my swimsuit as well. My tankini to be exact. I got into the water with the kids. My SIL took care of my BIL's son, while I took responsibility of my kiddos.

The kids had a blast. They were in a pool, so why wouldn't they have fun, eh? Surprisingly, I also had a good time in the pool. I was able to get a light tummy/back/leg workout by using the kickboard. But I played with the kiddos mostly. It was nice. I didn't have to socialize much with the adults. He-he-he!

What's funny is that my BIL's son got really attached to the Hubs. When it was dinnertime, the Hubs put the kid down and he promptly started crying. Not the Hubs. My BIL's son! So the Hubs held him a little more and then put him down again. And the kid started crawling after the Hubs. My MIL picked him up but the kid looked with a pouty face at the Hubs. It was too hysterical.

But I have to tell you that the pool and the sun wiped us out. The kids and I all fell asleep on the drive home.

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