Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a difference a day makes

On Monday and Friday afternoons, I have two different pick-up times for the kids. I get the Bear the normal time -- 2:45pm. The Princess attends a music club, so we come back and get her around 4pm.

Yesterday was no different.

When I picked up the Bear at 2:50pm, it was hot as hot can be. Around 94*.

When the Bear and I came back to the school at 4pm, it had cooled down to 74*.

The first photo above is a photo I took right as I left our neighborhood. I had turned on the radio and heard "A Severe Weather Warning" being announced. But what's funny is that this photo was taken as I looked West from our neighborhood when I heard the weather warning. But...I saw to the Southeast that there were a bunch of ominous clouds.

I got the Bear and we headed to the indoor mall about 5 minutes from the school rather than ddrive all the way home. When we walked into the mall, the wind picked up something fierce. The wind was SO strong that I had a difficult time opening up the door to Barnes & Noble! And as the Bear and I placed our strawberry-banana shake order at the Food Court, the lights flickered on and off. That was a sign that the storm had hit the mall. We glanced out at the glass wall and saw the trees outside whipping back and forth. There was a torrential amount of rain coming down. The guy at the shake place that took our order suddenly had a horrified look on his face.
Oh no. I think I left my moonroof open.
Dang! From the amount of rain that I saw through the glass? The inside of this poor guy's car was already soaking wet.

You see that 2nd photo? I took it as we drove home from the kids' school headed West. Yup. See how dark that sky looks? I'm amazed how the sky changed within an hour. Aren't you?

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