Friday, August 21, 2009

No avoidance here

As I drove home from dropping off the kids, I heard the following on the radio
It's 90 degrees here at 8:15. The expected high for today is 100. So folks? It's cooling down for us.
Isn't that the funniest?

But it's so true though. It IS cooling down for us. Supposedly, this weekend it's only supposed to be in the low 90's. Yeah! SUCH a difference from 110*. Seriously.

Even though it was already 90* when I got home from school? That didn't stop me from taking a long walk. I want to incorporate some long walks into my weekly outings instead of only doing short walk/runs. I want to increase my stamina, so long walks are my way of getting my legs in gear to get those increased miles under my feet.

I still don't know how long my actual walk was. I actually did today's route on Wednesday morning as well. I'll probably end up doing my long walks during the week and my short runs on the weekends. I mean, the runs take about 20 minutes while my two walks this week? It took me about an hour to finish my route.

What's funny is that yesterday I dropped by the local coffee shop to "treat" myself. And the owner mentioned that she'd been seeing me on my outings around the neighborhood. When I walk I don't pay attention to the cars that pass by me. I just make sure I'm not in the way of any drivers. It's funny knowing that people that I see every now and then actually see me doing my workouts. Huffing. Puffing. Sweating. Not a pretty sight. At. All. But I'm on a mission to get stronger right? And that's all that counts.

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