Friday, September 18, 2009

The Cat Out of the Bag

Earlier this week, I noticed a "For Sale by Owner" sign at a house at the start of our street.

Yesterday when I left to pick up the kids from school, I noticed that the "For Sale by Owner" sign was gone.

The garage door was open and it looked like the neighbor gal (NG) who lives there was just getting stuff out of the trunk of her car. I decided to pull over and say hi.

Me: Hiya!
NG: Hi! [she walks to the sidewalk]
Me: So you all decided not to sell?
NG: What?
Me: The sign is gone. [pointing to her yard]
NG: I was out of town since last week. What sign?
Me: Oh, welcome back home. There was a "For Sale by Owner" sign in your yard earlier this week.
NG: That little stinker. [shaking her head]
Me: Why? What?
NG: Musta been my husband.
Me: Uh-oh!
NG: It's fine. We've been trying to sell our other house.

Ay-yay-yay! I drove away feeling horrible. I wonder how my neighbor's conversation went with her husband. Hopefully it did go fine. I hope I didn't cause them to fight. Didn't mean to mention something that wasn't supposed to be out of the bag yet.

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