Sunday, September 20, 2009

The heat just saps my energy

...but it is getting cooler around here.

When I drove the kids into school this week, my car's thermometer read about 80* average. It was lovely. It's been a nice cooling trend in the morning. Granted, it's still been getting up to the high 90's during the day but the mornings are fabulous. A break from the heat. Of course by 10am, there is a definite warming in the air.

So yesterday's 10:30am baseball game was warm. Thankfully for us parents, there was a tented area for us to stand/sit under. But the kids on the field? FULLY exposed to the heat. The kids ended up doing 3 full innings.

Here is the Bear waiting for his first at-bat for the morning. The kids aren't allowed to hold the bats under they are ready to take the field. This avoids any 'accidents' in the dug-out.

There is my little guy ready to whack the smack out of a ball. Look at his face! He is so serious about hitting it.

Guess who was able to be catcher for an inning?

Yes. My Bear! There he is with the team gear on. 

But it doesn't mean that my son doesn't get bored. Look at him "stretching" while he's manning right field?

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