Monday, September 21, 2009

The funniest quotes I read this morning

I was looking at the regular websites that I look at each Monday after dropping off the kids. Thought I'd share the funniest quotes that I saw.
"Jon realized his look was a little immature."
You think? As a 30+ years old and he thought that he looked good in shabby jeans, t-shirts, and stud earrings? Yeah, right.
"He's focusing a lot on business and wants to make sure he looks appropriate..."
“He’s focused on work and you’ll see that in the way he will dress.” 
Focusing on business, eh? Really? What business? Why aren't we seeing where's he's visiting for his business deals? Isn't following him around New York?

I find it funny how the paparazzi are following Kate to her tapings of The View, but have somehow decided not to cover Jon at the same time. While Kate left to WORK and EARN MONEY for her family, where is Jon? Probably spending money. It's just tiring hearing the gossip-y sites/magazines trash Kate for making deals to earn money while Jon runs amok spending the money.


Twenty Four At Heart said...

The media always seems to want to pick out a good guy/bad guy in every divorce. Always!

Grace said...

It's true that the media seems to select one person to represent the good even though that person is OBVIOUSLY not making good decisions. The press is giving her more negative press than Hugh Hefner! [shaking head]