Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flipping Out can be funny sometimes

I so adore watching Flipping Out on Bravo. That darn Jeff Lewis cracks me the heck up. He's got her OCD tendencies that seem to have lessened as the show has progressed. I love how Jeff interacts with Jenni and with Zoila. Watching this show is one thing but actually seeing someone flip out in person can be all-together quite disturbing.

This morning as I dropped the kids off at school, I noticed someone's Mom (SM) talking to one of the new teachers (NT) that I don't know. The reason I noticed them as I walked up was that they were on opposite sides of the sidewalk. They were basically blocking the way for anyone going up/down the sidewalk. So, of course, I noticed them.

But as I got closer to them, I noticed that the Mom was getting louder and louder.

SM: This is unacceptable.

NT: [replied softly]

SM: Even though my daughter didn't turn in the homework on time, I found out the make-up work and it's in this folder.

NT: [replied softly]

SM: No. No! I thought we were going to have an evaluation.

NT: [replied softly]

SM: My daughter is NOT getting an F! She is NOT!

I finished walking the kids to the drop-off point and gave them their customary bearhugs. As I walked out the front gate, I waved to the administrator and he waved back.

NT: Good morning, this is SM.

SM: Mr. Administrator, I thought we were going to have an evaluation on my daughter.

Administrator: [replied softly]

SM: My daughter is NOT going to get an F!

People? She was so loud! She was going loco on the administrator as I walked away. Oh man! How embarrassing for her child. So this example is when flipping out is not funny.

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