Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A rude awakening for the Hubs [updated]

As you all know, the Hubs signed the Bear up for Fall Baseball. It's an instructional team. Meaning? That the kids learn the fundamentals of the game versus it being competitive. Good deal, right?

When the Hubs signed the Bear up, he was by himself. It was the weekend that my sister and her family were visiting us. The kids and I were at their hotel having a pool day.

After the kids and I got home, I asked the Hubs about the baseball league. How many teams? When they'd be playing? Where they'd be playing? Apparently, the people at the sign-up had NO information. That the coaches would be sending us info as they received it. But the Hubs did say that all the games would be on Saturdays. That's fine, right?

The Bear starting practicing with the team the first Tuesday of September. The official start date for games wasn't until September 12th. This gave the teams 2 chances to practice before the first game. We were all fine with it but there was still NO SCHEDULE published. Not after that first practice. And not after the second practice. We finally received the schedule on September 10th at 10pm. That's right. Not even TWO days before the first game we got the schedule.

The Bear's first game? 8:30am Saturday morning, Sept 12. It was a half hour drive over to the field (which will be field 1 for this season).

The Bear's second game? 6:30pm Tuesday, Sept 15. This is at a totally different park about a half hour drive in the totally opposite direction (and will be field 2 for this season).

The Bear's game tonight? Is at 6:30pm. Did you all know that today is Tuesday? Didn't the sign-up people tell my husband that the games would only be on Saturdays? $!^@$^@$

You have no idea how perturbed I am about this. And what's crazy? On some weeks, the games are scheduled for Wednesday! It's true! It's not like any of us parents has any other kids in any other activities, eh? I just find it SO inconsiderate that they provided the schedule so late. And didn't tell us up front that the kids would be playing on Saturday and during the week.


But that's how it is when you put your kids into activities. You just have to go with the flow and try not to blow your top.

Tonight, the Hubs will be taking the Bear to his game. He wanted the Bear in baseball, so he is the one that has to bring him out. The Princess and I? We're hanging out here at the house so she can finish her homework. She's tired and cranky, so it's going to be a challenge for her to finish up. I don't know who will have a better night -- me or the Hubs.

Anyway, here are a couple shot of the kids at the pool.

---------------update @ 8:27pm ---------------

The Hubs and the Bear are not yet home. The Princess is in bed already. I'm sure she's fallen asleep by now. I wonder if they started the game late?


Mike said...

Yep, no week night sports for my two yet. Probably not until they are in Jr High.

I hate giving up Saturdays for sports, but school nights are off limits around here.

Grace said...

I'm not sure if we would have signed up the Bear for Fall Baseball if we'd known up front that it would involve both Saturday mornings and a weeknight (school night). But alas... that darn schedule came to us so late...