Monday, September 14, 2009

Ole'!!! Touche'!!!

When we were young, my sisters and I knew when my folks were talking about us. They'd be right next to us and start talking about us. How'd they do it with us sitting there not knowing what they were actually saying? They speak to each other in Ilacano, which is a Filipino dialect.

On a day-to-day basis they'd speak to each other in Tagalog, which is the main language in the Phillipines, so we were familiar with it. But when they wanted to say something that they didn't want us to understand? They'd break out into the Ilacano.

Well, the Hubs and I try to do the same with our kids. We'll mix in some Spanish with our gestures and get the gist of what the other is saying. But you know what? This trick isn't going to work for much longer. The Princess' class is using Rosetta Stone software about 2x per week to learn the basics of Spanish. Yes! She's learning Spanish!

So tonight at dinner, I was trying to let the Hubs know about something that happened earlier in the day.

Me: So...I saw el padre of un amigo de hijo today.
Hubs: Oh yeah? Who?
Me: Last name Azul?
Princess:  Oh yeah! I saw him too.
[my head whips to the Princess]
Hubs: Okay. And?
Me: So they're having un fiesta on Viernes.
Hubs: Of this week?
Me: Si!
Princess: Si! At the pizza place!
Hubs: Thanks Princess.
Bear: Adios!

So this Spanish business is NOT going to work for us much longer. Nope. We've got to come up with another plan!

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