Monday, September 7, 2009

The wise nature of kids

On Saturday we spent the day with my ILs. Yes. We did!

We were there to celebrate the Hubs and his sister's birthday. Also to spend time with my BIL and his family and let the kids swim.Unfortunately? It was a cloudy and cool day. The water was WAY too cold to swim. So we had to spend the day inside together. Thankfully I brought a book so I was able to distract myself while the rest of them watched football.

What I did find interesting was that my new nephew (BIL's son) still gravitated to the Hubs. I mean, my SIL was on the floor playing with the little guy and he makes a bee-line slow crawl over to the Hubs (who was sitting on the couch). When the Hubs had him? The kid happily stayed with the Hubs. Seriously! They even tested it. They put the little guy at the end of the area rug and then my SIL and the Hubs sat on the couch. The little guy again made a slow crawl over to the Hubs. HA! My SIL has seen the little guy almost every weekend and this was only the 3rd time the Hubs has seen him. And the little guy prefers the Hubs!

I have to say that the little guy is VERY WISE. If I was a kid I wouldn't want to hang with my SIL either. He-he-he...

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