Friday, September 4, 2009

Not invited to the party

You all probably remember that my kids attend a small charter school. It's small. It doesn't have a great playground. But it's got an excellent program. My kids thoroughly enjoy going to school every day. The school has been able to achieve the highest rating for elementary schools for the past 4 years -- Excelling.

But guess what? My kids' charter school is NOT invited to watch/listen to Obama's speech next week that is supposedly geared towards school-aged kids. That's right folks. My kids' top-ranked school wasn't extended an invitation.

To tell you the truth? I'm fine with the kids not watching the speech on Tuesday. Both my kids' classes are totally busy every day. They barely have enough time to get the things they have scheduled done each day.

But I find it interesting that the charter schools in our state (and probably nationally) weren't even considered by the administration to "attend" the speech. I mean...charter schools ARE public schools. Parents don't pay for their kids to attend charter schools.

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