Monday, August 31, 2009

It happened on The Lion King

As normal, it's a weekday and I had to get the kidlings ready for the day and drive them to school.

On the drive to school the kidlings normally look out the window and look for things.

Bear: Mom! There's a lizard!

Me: Oh cool Buddy.

Princess: There's a BIRD Mom!

Me: A bird? Is it up in the tree?


Me: So is the lizard on the sidewalk or in the rocks?

Bear: It's gone. [in his sad voice]

Me: Gone?

Bear: Yes. [still sad]

Princess: Yeah Mom. The bird ate it. [in her excited voice]

Bear: It's dead. Gone.

Me: The bird ate the lizard? Serious?

Bear: Yes. It ate it.

Princess: Just like in The Lion King!

Bear: Oh yeah! Like how the hyenas try to eat Simba! [thankfully recovered and back to his happy voice]

Yes. We saw the circle of life first thing this morning. Who knew that a simple drive into school could also be educational? [snort]

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