Thursday, October 8, 2009

Keeping Up

There's a lot of great things about the kids growing up. I found out today a new thing I can do with them.

You know how I've been walking/running since the kids started school in August? Well, I typically run after I drop them off. On the weekends, I run when the Hubs is home.

This week the kids are on fall break so that put a bump into my normal routine. My entire days are thrown off, but that's okay. The biggest thing that I wondered if I could fit in was my morning run/walk.

So the kids? I told them we'd be heading down to the neighborhood coffee shop. I threw on my typical outfit and my running shoes, while the kids put on their tennies and their helmets. Yes. Their helmets. Because they were going to take their scooters while I ran.

The combination of the kids on scooters while I ran worked wonderfully. Before when I walked to the coffee shop they'd have to wait for me at the corner. But since I ran? We kept pace with each other.

The trip was fun for them and I felt like I got a little run into my day. Win-win for all of us. Yeah!

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