Friday, October 9, 2009

Not winning any "Stellar Mom" awards any time soon

About 3 weeks ago when it was still about 110*, I ordered the Bear a new winter jacket. Yes. I'm crazy like that. I had to get THE jacket I saw. It was on sale and I totally liked it because it was all boy. Deep green but in a soft material that would stand the "test" of time.

The jacket arrived on our doorstep a week later. I didn't open it until that Saturday. Had the Bear try it on and he was swimming in it. SWIMMING. It was way too big on him. I'd ordered a Little Kids' Large, so it should have fit just fine. I was totally confused but didn't think much of it. Until today.

So I grabbed the jacket off my dresser and really looked at it. Ha! It was a size 14-16! Dang it all! No wonder the Bear was swimming in it. They'd shipped a BIG Kids' Large instead of a LITTLE Kids' Large.

I called the customer service department just a bit ago. Luckily, they still had the size I needed in the color I wanted for the Bear. So now? The right size jacket is going to be shipped later on tonight. I'll be taking the wrong size jacket to the post office on Monday to be returned.

I still can't believe that I was oblivious to the error in shipping until today. Three weeks after I'd received the darn jacket! THREE. WHOLE. WEEKS. Observation skills? Fail. I'm definitely not one in the running for a Stellar Mommy award.

Have YOU never noticed when a wrong size is shipped to you?

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