Saturday, October 10, 2009

And he runs and jumps and does well

This is the Bear's 2nd season in baseball.

He didn't start with T-ball. We didn't get him in that early. He started with "coach pitch" last spring. We're currently in the "Fall Ball" instructional league. The kids get instruction on "how" to play. How to stand in the batter's box properly. How to throw the ball where it needs to go. Which base to throw the ball to when there are runners on or not. I must say that the Bear is really grasping the game. AND he's playing with enthusiasm.

Today? He hit the ball really well and got on base all 5 times he was at bat. He fielded the ball well and threw it to the proper base, when necessary. He was a good team player.

Here's the kids doing their warm-ups.

Here's the Bear getting the GAME BALL!

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