Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take a little fluid here and there

Last night, I ended up eating a hearty dinner. Crock pot boneless pork ribs, scalloped potatoes, spinach salad with mozzarella cheese & Italian dressing. It was yummy in my tummy. But I have to tell you that by 9pm I was actually hungry. HUNGRY! Even though dinner was delicious, I did not overindulge. I ate about a palm-sized portion of that tender, juicy pork along with a palm-sized portion of potatoes and a much larger portion of salad. One serving.

I guess my body heard from my brain about the fasting blood-draw that would happen today at 9:30am. Meaning no breakfast. No juice. Nothing but water. My body must have also heard from my brain that I had an additional fasting test scheduled at 11:15am this morning. I got a call yesterday afternoon about getting an ultrasound on my kidneys. Since it was a fasting test and they had an opening late in the morning that wouldn't conflict with the blood draw, I immediately said YES to that 11:15am available timeframe. Who wants to do 12-hours of fasting twice in a week? No. Not me!

An ultrasound on my kidneys? Yes. One of the issues with the meds I'm taking is that they need to monitor the effect on my kidneys. So this was a check to make sure that the flow to my kidneys was not being compromised. What sucked about the test? Is that one hour before my scheduled time, they said I had to consume 32 ounces of water. Yup. I had to drink it all in an hour and I couldn't urinate until after my ultrasound. Oy! But since I've been pregnant twice, this wasn't a strange request. I took it in stride. I think that in the end I actually had about 40 ounces of water because all the ice I'd put into my water had melted.

For both my appointments, I was in and out pretty quick. No dilly-dallying on their part. I was even able to squeeze in getting an unscheduled flu shot at the clinic where I had my blood drawn. I was able to get up to a small shopping mall as well and take some leisurely shots.

My internist will get the results from the kidney ultrasound tomorrow. I'm not sure how long the blood work will take. But things are going well. I feel fine. Hopefully we're still on the road to getting me off the meds. We'll see!

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