Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 3

Anyone dealing with the scratches?

"Put Neosporin on it" you say?

No. Not that kind of scratch.

I'm talking about the scratches that irritate your throat. The kind of scratches that make on feel like coughing when you lie down on your side to sleep.


I've been dealing with a scratchy throat for almost a week now. I thought that the darn cough was getting better over the weekend. But last night and today? Ultra-scratchy! It feels DRY and scratchy. Ugh!

What's even worse? The Bear seems to have caught whatever throaty ailment I've got. I mean, there's no fever. No congestion in my nose. Actually? My nose last week was SO ultra-dry it wasn't even funny. The Bear had a nosebleed on Sunday, so he's definitely got whatever I've got.

And the Bear? Because he's got an irritated throat that makes him cough? He stayed home with me today. And it was a pretty uneventful day. It's so nice when the kids are home sick but not really THAT sick. There's no medication to give them. There's no constant vomit watch. I just had to make sure the kid stayed hydrated. I made him bring a thermos filled with water with him wherever he went today. Why? Because I know that this throat thing feels better for me when I'm hydrated.

So the Bear and I were actually able to head out for some fresh air this morning. We stopped by the library. We stopped by the bank. We even stopped by the DVD store to pick up the latest action movies that were released.

The Bear is now on the couch with the Princess watching one of the movies we picked up. They both have finished their homework. They've both done their 15 minutes of reading for the day. Now they're relaxing before the Hubs gets home.

Pretty easy day. Right?

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