Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 4

I've basically been awake since 3:30am.


Why? Why was I awake that early?

Because I had a huge coughing fit.

I was coughing so much I had to get up out of bed so I wouldn't wake up my husband. [sigh]

I got a glass of water and some cough syrup before sitting in the front den. I first sipped on the water to calm my throat some. Then I drank the cough syrup.

Even after I took the cough syrup, I had some lingering irritation. So I stayed up and watched a show online for a little bit. Then I laid on the couch and tried to get some sleep. I didn't get back into bed with the Hubs because I wasn't sure if I would have another coughing fit. You know?

Anyway, I am now tired. My throat still feels a bit dry/irritated. I will again keep the Bear home with me. If I'm feeling yucky, he's probably feeling yucky too. I'll be able to cuddle with him on the couch today since I did a bit of work yesterday AND because I'm feeling gosh-darn tired.

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