Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dropped off the radar

Yes. I disappeared.

I couldn't finish NaBloPoMo. Couldn't do it! I totally missed out on more than 5 days of the month and feel like a failure. But alas, we sometimes can't finish up what we start. I think it's important that we recognize why we can't complete a goal.

Me? I realize why I couldn't keep up the daily posts. I work on the computer all day and I wasn't allowing my mind to wander and dream and be inspired. I was (yet again) being bogged down by my work commitments. Yeah. I let my mind get cluttered.

But I've been okay. This weekend has been very busy for me. No I wasn't fully consumed with work. I worked a little on Wednesday and then a little on Friday morning. The rest of the time? I've been busy with my family. Yeah!

Thursday, we drove up to spend Thanksgiving with the Hubs family. Thankfully, we met up on neutral ground. My married-in SIL and BIL hosted at their new rental home. I kept my focus on my kids, my nephew, and my married-in SIL. Focusing on them kept my mindset clear. Kept me sane.

Friday, the Hubs went to work in the morning. The kids played together while I worked. Then we hung out and played for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was a big day. The day we targeted to get our holiday cheer on. We did our chores and such in the morning and then focused on transforming our house the rest of the day. We've got our tree up and decorated. We've got other miscellaneous inside decorations up inside as well. But the stairs still need to be put into the holiday mood.

After we got the inside mostly done, we went outside to tackle the front yard. Actually, the Hubs was decorating while I played with the kids. I normally decorate the front yard by myself but this year I told the Hubs he'd be doing it. He had to re-do a few things since he didn't lay things out. Ha! We ended up running out of lights. He wrapped out one tree with lights and then turned the strings on. What's sad is that the last string he put up didn't work. He certainly was bummed. He couldn't finish up both trees.

We ended up going to Lowes before dinner to get more outside lights. Yes. We drove out to get MORE LIGHTS! We also ended up picking up a new item for the front yard. A Christmas Bear! Here he is!

We all ended up having a fun weekend together. The kids had a blast playing and helping put up ornaments. I didn't move ANY items they put up this year.

Now are you finished putting up your holiday decorations? Did you end up adding new items to your December arsenal?

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jupiter said...

good to have you back! your decorations sound amazing - the kids must be over the moon to see them. We won't be doing ours for a week or so yet (my middle name being Scrooge and all!).