Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 11

I'm definitely getting older. My body is definitely showing its age.

When I get sick nowadays, it takes me about 2 weeks to recover fully. This cough/throat thing? I'm just at the end of it. Tomorrow it'll be the 2 week mark.

I'm still taking my blood pressure medication. After all the blood work and receiving positive results, my doc told me to stop taking the meds and monitor my pressure. If my readings were higher than 140/90 then I'd give him a call. I stopped taking the meds on a Monday. I noticed that by Thursday my pressure was back up to 145/93. So I'm back on the meds. Even though I'm not overweight or anything my body just needs help keeping my pressure down. Probably a link to the preclampsia I had when I was pregnant with my daughter.

But at the end of this month, I have an appointment with a specialist. You see, during the routine ultrasound of my kidneys they saw what appeared to be a cyst near my kidneys. Yes. A cyst. Now I have to go see a kidney specialist (a nephrologist) to figure out if anything needs to be done. When I was getting the ultrasound on my kidneys, I should have figured something was up when the gal had me turn back to my left so that she could do some additional scans on my right kidney. But dense me...I just thought she was retaking some shots. [sigh]

But thankfully? I'm pretty healthy overall. I'm going to get back onto my run/walk outings in the mornings after dropping the kids off. I stopped working out when I got this cough thing. I tend to breath through my mouth, so when I would run/walk my throat would become inflamed pretty quick with the dry air we've got out here in the desert.

Today was the first day in ages that I've run. And it was a nice one. I was still able to run the entire 2-mile route without walking. I've just got to get my body out there more than twice a week so I can get my blood flowing and stay strong.

How do you stay strong?

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