Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 10

Halloween has come and gone.

The kids' costumes are their dress-up box.

The candy that the kids' collected on their night out with Daddy is still sitting in their bags next to the front closet.

The leftover candy that didn't get handed out is still sitting in the big bowl next to the kids' Halloween bags.

What's funny?

The kids aren't asking about eating the candy. Seriously. Since Halloween they've maybe consumed less than 10 pieces each. They're not bouncing off the walls with sugar. Thank goodness!

Sweets aren't a big thing in our house. I know the kids enjoy eating cookies/cake/candy but it's not a prime thing in their minds. Maybe it's because we don't eat dessert? I'll definitely let them eat sweets when we're at a birthday party or holiday event. Yes. I will.

But what's crazy (in a good way)? They don't go overboard. Like the Bear and I went to a birthday party on Saturday. He ate 3 pieces of pizza and then chose not to have any cake or ice cream. None. He said "No thank you" when they tried to give him a little plate. He's SIX and he refused cake and ice cream!

In another week, I'll just throw out all the Halloween candy. You know what I tell them? That the candy "spoils" after a couple weeks. But this year they might not even notice when I do throw it out. Who knows?

Now is your household still in the throws of the post-sugar-high from Halloween?

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