Monday, November 16, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Entry 16

I finally colored my hair this weekend.

Wouldn't you know it that the Hubs didn't even notice that I'd colored it?

Folks? I had tons of little white hairs waving out above both my ears and all along my hairline. And he didn't notice those? Sheesh! He definitely hasn't been looking too closely at me.

Seems that now that I'm older, my natural hair color has toned down from black to a brown. It's not even DARK brown. It's lighter than that. So if I haven't colored my hair in a while (like this time around), there is a major difference in the overall look of my hair. Post-process my hair is not only one color (no more waving white hairs) but it's also way darker.

I totally have to laugh because I notice when the Hubs gets a haircut every 6 weeks. I notice. I can tell it's shorter. I can tell the back of his neck is crisply neat and clean. I can tell. I just can.

But this darn man can't even tell when I've colored my hair. [tapping my foot] Why? But you know what? He can't even seem to tell when I've gotten a haircut either. [tapping foot] Anyone? Help? Is my husband just oblivious to this kind of thing?

You know what though? He'd probably notice right away if I'd get a Brazilian like 24 did not so long ago. Now THAT kind of change my husband would notice. Go figure, eh?

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