Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When to know when to leave

You might feel fine and dandy when you ask to be evaluated for a raise and actually get it. 

But amazingly, get a complaint after you submit your worked hours for the month. Apparently, the higher ups reduced your number of approved hours per month when they approved the raise. But no one bothered to let you know.

Then when there's a screw-up, you work hard for two months on a project and end up with a huge backlog of work. Once the project has died down, you bust your butt to get the backlog caught up. But get another set of raised eyebrows when you accidentally work 5.5 hours over your approved number of hours. 


This is what happened to me.

And this is why I'm searching high and low for a new job.

These people "say" that they appreciate all the work that I do but have shown me that in so many ways that I'm just a tiny working bee to them. That the time I put in is only appreciated when they feel it's justified.


I'm very disappointed in their behavior. Makes me sad.

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jupiter said...

I know just what you mean; that feeling of it not really being appeciated just how much I did to keep work flowing steadily along was definitely a part of my decision to take a new job (with a substantial pay cut) last November - and I have to say it was one of the best moves I've made in ages. Good luck with your job hunting too.