Thursday, February 4, 2010

Making Mommy Laugh

There are a few things that give me the heebee-geebeez.

I rinse off and wipe the top aluminum cans goods before I open them. That means any kind of diet or regular soda. Any canned veggies. Any soup brand from Campbell's to Wolfgang Puck. Yeah. I don't know where these things were stored. I know that some storage places aren't so clean. Little critters run amok and could have run on top of my can. The one I'm about to put my lips on. The can that I'm about to pour contents out of. [shuddering] I'm just that way.

I have the same feeling about the clothes that I buy. Not only for me but for the entire family. When I get stuff home, I cut off the tags and throw them into the washer. That's right. I wash every single piece of clothing BEFORE they officially wear it for the first time. Shirts. Sweaters. Jackets. Socks. It doesn't matter where I purchase the clothes from. Old Navy. Lands End. Nordstrom. Clothing is washed (or dry-cleaned...but once I became a Mom I rarely buy anything that needs this special kind of treatment) and dried completely before we wear things.


So last night? The Hubs comes home and discovers that a shirt he ordered has come in the mail. He's all excited and opens the package right in the front hall after he takes off his shoes. He shows me the shirt and goes off to get changed out of his work clothes. And when he returns to me? He's wearing that darn shirt that just came in the mail! HE. IS. WEARING. IT. After grimacing at him, I go about finishing up dinner.

We sat down to dinner and went about our normal mealtime conversation. The Bear realized that the Hubs was wearing a new shirt.

Bear: Daddy, where did you get that shirt?
Hubs: Daddy ordered it and just got it in the mail.
Bear: Oohhh. But the question is...did you wash it yet?

Yes. That's what my son said! He's so funny! Definitely my son!

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Philip said...

I'm surprised you don't microwave the mail before you open it . . .