Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weird illnesses

As an adult, I pretty much am in good health. Yes. I had my first reality check this fall when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. But overall? I don't even THINK about getting sick other than the normal cold or flu bug.

I do know some folks who have had some WEIRD illnesses.

One gal I know had bell's palsy. The one side of her face dropped for a couple of weeks. She healed up and hasn't had any further issues with that brush with that illness.

Another gal I know ended up getting a weird sore on her ankle and it was pussy and wasn't going away. She ended up going to the doctor and found out that the sore on her ankle had the same stuff in it that gives people canker sores. She actually had a canker sore on her lip earlier in the week and had a small scratch on her ankle. When her ankle was itchy, she must have just touched her face recently because she transferred the virus to her ankle. Wa-laa! She ended up getting the yuckiness on her ankle.

Now? I just found out that my sister was diagnosed with shingles. My sister! The one who ran her first half marathon on Sunday. Her doc gave her vicodin on Monday. She ended up not sleeping the entire night because of the pain. Ay-yay-yay! Via Facebook, my sister has been getting advice from friends that she should have her doc prescribe her percocet instead. Anyone know if it works better? This is the sister that gave me chicken-pox one summer. She ended up with a mild case while I ended up with SO many pox all over my body. It was horrible because I was thoroughly itchy and it was a HOT summer.

Anyone else out there dealing with any weird illnesses? What's the weirdest one you've heard of or dealt with yourself?

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