Saturday, March 20, 2010

The critters can't seem to leave us alone

Since the kids are gone until tomorrow, the Hubs decided to take a nap upstairs in our guest room. Yes. He likes to go up there in to savor in the peace and quiet and konk out.

Unfortunately, today wasn't a napping day.

When he went up there to lie down, he found bees. In the bedroom. IN. OUR. HOUSE.

Freak me out!

Thankfully, the bee he saw on the carpet was dead.

The bee on the bed was still twitching.

We don't normally use that bedroom so I have NO IDEA how long those bees were up there.

We have no idea how those darn things got INTO our house. ARGH!

We're now waiting for the beekeeper guy.

Yes. Again. Remember when we had that swarm on Halloween?

****** Update ******
The bee guy came and found that we had some "cutter bees" trying to get in from the 2nd story. There are a couple pipes that stick out just above my son's window. And the cutter bees were trying to chip away at the caulking around those pipes. Why? So that they can make an opening and get into the wall of our house. A place where they'd lay their eggs. Yes! Baby eggs!

Fortunately, the bee guy sprayed some organic spray (made from flowers) into the crevice they'd made. One bee flew out when he was doing this.Then he injected fresh caulk into the crevice and smoothed it out. By the time he was finished about 6 angry little bees were buzzing him.

But? Good news is that it's taken care of. Yeah!

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