Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been gone and quiet

I've been bogged down by life.

I've let life get me down.

And I'm trying to make some changes.

Just last month I mentioned that I was disillusioned with my job. While things have calmed down just a wee bit in the last few weeks, it's still kind of up in the air. Do this. Do that. And when take the time to do "this" and "that"? There's someone else wondering what the status on the regular stuff I do. [sigh]

I'm searching high and low for a new job. And where am I searching? Not here where I live. I'm searching in "America's Finest City". Yes. I'm hoping to find a job there. I mean, if I'm going to look for a new job I might as well look there. I'm also checking around for jobs that my husband can do.

Since the kids are fast approaching the end of 3rd quarter, they'll be off on summer vacation soon enough. Yes. Most of your kids haven't had Spring Break yet, and I'm already thinking of summer. My kids actually start their Spring Break this Friday afternoon. Yes, they do!

I'm wondering how much of an obstacle it is for hiring managers to even consider someone in my position. Someone who lives in one city but wants a job in another. I'm not asking for relocation help. The Hubs and I would move on our own if we need to. But it seems like no one wants to get past my physical address. So me? I'm leaving that off my resume. I'm just putting my phone number down. Like they wouldn't notice the area code, right? But I'm hoping they'll get down the experience section before realizing that bit of info. Hopeful, aren't I?

I mean, I've got my family out there. I've got a place to stay if I need to start a job soon. Then the kids could move once the school year is done and stay with my Mom during the day all summer. And the Hubs could move out once he lands a job.


Again. Our plan is wishful thinking. That's how we hope it'll all work out. But when do big plans in your life actually work out like you envision? Yeah. I'm expecting lots of bumps in the road. Like normal.

But I must tell you that the kids and I did have a lovely trip out to see my family last month. Yes. A quick trip out for just the three of us. Even though I had to do all the driving and getting the kids ready and cleaned and all that? It was so fun.

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