Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kinda healthy?

We'd all sat down for dinner tonight and since it was sunny outside we had our shutters open.

You may recall that our backyard has open fencing and we've got an expanse of "natural" landscaping behind our house. Past the landscaping is the other side of the block that contains a sidewalk.

Like I said, it was still sunny when we sat down to eat. All of a sudden the Hubs starts cracking up.

Hubs: You've gotta love it.

Me: What's up?

Hubs: There's a lady out there taking a walk.

Me: Okay. It's nice outside.

Hubs: She's taking a walk while she's smoking and carrying a Big Gulp.

Me: She is? [I turn around to see]

Hubs: You see that? She just put out her cigarette in the street.

Me: Oh...

Hubs: I can just imagine her thinking that she's being healthy by taking a walk. But there she is smoking and carrying that big soda with her.

And yes. She was totally smoking and littered by stepping on her leftover butt in the street. And we could tell that she was carrying a soda because of the way the sun hit the Big Gulp that she was drinking either a Coke/Pepsi. But hey! It might have been a DIET soda too. Kind of healthy, right?

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