Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting all dolled up for the paparazzi

The Bear and his team had picture day this morning.

Pictures were scheduled for 9am and the game at 10:30am. We showed up around 8:45am and ended up staying until noon. Thankfully it was a beautiful morning and not too hot.

Of course, the battle was making sure the boys didn't get themselves all dirty BEFORE their pictures were taken.


It still amazes me how quickly little boys can get dirty. I ended up suggesting to the coach that the boys sit in an empty dug-out. The coach's eyes lighted up and he told the kids to sit in the dug-out. You see, the picture people were running a bit behind so our 9am photo shoot didn't happen until around 9:30am. And y'all know that being patient and not getting dirty on a Saturday morning at the park isn't what's on any little boy's mind.

But the pictures went off without a hitch once they were called up.

Here are the boys lining up in shortest to tallest order. See how they're in the dug-out? But they're nice and clean!
They're still nicely in line here below waiting for individual shots. Can you see how they gradually get taller?

Here they are trying to get organized for the team photo. Don't you love the mountains in the background?

Now with the pictures done? The boys were all set to get down and dirty warming up before their game.

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