Sunday, April 18, 2010

Relishing in it?

In two weeks, I'll be driving out to live with my folks.

The Hubs and the kids are staying here at home.

After I leave, the kids will be in school for 2 more weeks. Only TWO. So the Hubs is going to be a single parent for two whole weeks. Alone with the kids for the longest stretch of time.

This'll be my first time to be away from all of them for more than three days. And my kids are 9 and 7! I've NEVER been away from them longer than three days. Can you believe it?

It's going to be strange to be without them for so long. No one asking me those daily questions.

Where's my folder? In your backpack.

Have you seen my blue tie? In the closet on the tie hangar.

Where is my baseball outfit? On top of your dresser since you've got a game today.

Do we have anymore spray conditioner? In the sink cabinet.

Endless questions from all three of them that I won't need to respond to. They'll have to fend for themselves. HA!

I wonder if they're going to miss me.

I wonder if the Hubs will realize all the stuff that I do behind the scenes every day.

I don't know. I think they may. But then again? They may just relish in the idea of not having me around.

We'll see though.

Like I said, in two weeks I'll be on a long drive out by myself to my folks in SoCal. But you know what? We still haven't made "the announcement" to the kids. No. We haven't. Why? I think because we're trying to put it off as long as possible.

As I peered around my monitor at the Hubs a little earlier tonight after we put the kids to bed, I gave him a look. And he knew.

We'll tell the kids next weekend about you leaving for SoCal. 

Yes. We were on the same wavelength. So we'll see how the kids react. We'll see....

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