Saturday, August 14, 2010

90% means we're not quite yet done

I thought we'd be in our new place tonight.

But no.

I'm not ready for it.

The reason?

I don't have my kitchen organized.

I don't have any groceries.

Today's focus was getting all our stuff IN the place.

All the furniture in place.

All the boxes & totes inside or in the garage.

All the clothes into the closet.

So I didn't have the time (or should I say energy) to tackle the kitchen.

My husband?

He didn't label the boxes well.

The stuff for the kitchen?

The boxes say "Kitchen".

Not one smidge of info about what's INSIDE the box.

So I've got to open up 7 boxes and determine what I'm keeping and what I'm throwing back into the box.

Return things to the box you ask?


We're moving into a place where the kitchen is about 1/3 the size of where we're moving from.

So needless to say, cabinet space is limited.

Therefore I'm only keeping the stuff we actually USE in this new kitchen.

Everything else will just have to go back into a box and be sealed in tight until we move into a bigger place (hopefully in the next 2 years).

What I did accomplish?

Put linens on all our beds.

So even though the dressers aren't organized? The clothes that were hung here at my folks' are now hung at our new place.

All but one pair of our shoes & flip-flops are at the new place.

But we really did accomplish a TON today.

I'm ever so thankful for my sister, my nephew, and my two BIL's. Without them I wouldn't have been able to move that furniture myself. NO.WAY.

I've already downed 2 Extra-Strength Tylenols to combat the impending sore muscles & joints. I know I'll probably pop a couple tomorrow morning as well.

I can't believe how gosh darn HEAVY some of our furniture is.

Each of us did manage to bang at least one of our body parts. Me? My hand got caught under a piece of furniture we were putting on a dolly. I yelled "HAND" and my BIL&Sister picked the piece up SO fast!

We also almost had an accident with the moving truck. Look at your index finger. Look at how wide it is. THAT is how close the truck was to the main water pipe that leads to all the meters of our group of units. I just about had a heart attack when it happened. HEART.ATTACK. But the good Lord was looking out for us and that mishap was avoided.

There's no way I'm waking up tomorrow at 5am. Yes. That's what time I woke up today. And I decided to stop working at the new place at 5:45pm. So it was a FULL day of busy-ness.

And I'm fully tired.

I'm glad I'm showered and the kids are almost ready to be tucked into their beds here at my folks. Because I'll be falling into bed soon after their heads hit their pillows.

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