Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's been a week and we're still getting settled

The kids and I have been in the townhouse for a week now and we're still getting things in place.

I finally remembered to call the cable company to activate our service and get an internet connection. So I'm FINALLY back online.

Here are some highlights:

My Dad had some eye surgery performed on Monday. Not only has he been dealing with glaucoma for about 20 years, he developed cataracts over the last 6 years or so. He had some surgery performed on his right eye but that didn't go well. He's basically blind in that eye. He's been dealing with the cataract in his left eye but it's been hard on him. Not only did he end up having the cataract removed, the doc also put in an artificial lens into his eye. He went in both Tuesday and Wednesday to get checked. And the doc is super happy with my Dad's progress. The artificial lens they put in gives my Dad far-sighted vision. No worries though. He's happy that he can SEE things far away as he's always been near-sighted. In a few months after his eye has settled in with the artificial lens he'll be fitted with some reading glasses so that he can see things up close.

The Hubs was actually in town for 4 days. He drove in Wednesday after work. He got here pretty quick. He was here before the kids were in bed! He was in town for a reason! Yes! He had a face-to-face interview on Thursday. It actually went really well (according to my husband). He'll find out if he got that job sometime this week. [crossing fingers & toes] It was SO nice seeing, cuddling, and sleeping with the Hubs for those few days/nights. I really do miss him.

The kids start school this Wednesday. Tomorrow night they get to meet their teachers. I think they're both a little nervous about going to a new school. But it'll be a good situation. The school is BEAUTIFUL. I'm really excited for them. Since they have two more days until school officially starts, I signed them up to attend daycamp Monday & Tuesday.This is going to be the first time I'm getting them ready here at the townhouse for camp/school. I'm all alone. No one to help me. For now. [crossing fingers yet again] Here's a view of the main foyer into the school. No bungalows here like what I had when I was in school. It's high ceilings with air conditioning!

My health issues seem to have settled a bit [knock on wood]. I just have to be sure to take my morning meds a minimum of one hour before I eat breakfast AND take my late afternoon meds a minimum of one hour before dinner. I think my body has finally gotten into a "groove" with the meds. While I'm still sleeping on my 6" wedge, I've finally been able to sleep on either side without having any internal issues. Can you believe it? I was sleeping on my back about 90% of the time for about 3 months. It definitely wasn't fun or fully relaxing for me at night. Hopefully my body will continue "to be friends" with my medication so that I can continue to sleep comfortably at night and function properly during the day.

That's how my week has gone. How about you?

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