Monday, August 23, 2010

How do you work?

In our current economy, there are a lot of adults not working.

Folks who easily got a job about 10 years are now struggling to find a job. Any job.

And there are companies who are out there trying to restructure to get more efficient. Yes. Companies are running lean. They are cutting any fat they can. But what does that mean to you?

This frame of mind came to me this morning.


Because my manager came up to me and said

"Employee1 gave two weeks notice on Friday."

Say what?

This employee has been on the fence for a quite a while. This person's work has been sub-par compared to the rest of the team. And my manager has tried countless times to coach this employee. Days? No. Weeks? No. It's been MONTHS people. And this employee has continued to turn in shabby work.


So push came to shove on Friday. And this employee gave notice.

What's crazy is that they are continuing to let this employee work.

Why do I say this?

This employee deals with outside clients. This employee works with outside companies. This employee really has an opportunity to SCREW.THINGS.UP.ROYALLY.

I remember when I gave my two weeks notice to a company that I'd worked 6 years for. I didn't like my current manager, who was a great worker but a horrible manager. And I finally had enough and gave my notice on a Monday (which happened to be my day off). When I came into work on Tuesday, the Director called me in and let me know that I'd be let go at lunch. Yes. THAT. DAY. So no farewell lunch. No way to gather everyone I knew together. Just a couple hours getting my work area organized and then I scooted out trying not to let the door hit my behind. I wasn't disgruntled with the company. I just didn't like my manager. And they booted me after six years. I do remember it like it was yesterday.

Anyway, this employee where I now work is a really nice person. But doesn't have the skill set to be successful in the job. Organizational skills? Okay. Communication skills? Okay. Negotiation skills? Okay. But to place all these demands of the job together? A bit too much for this employee.

Now my manager is trying to figure out how this employee will turn in the company assets. Laptop. Cell phone. Printer. And WHEN the hand-off will happen.

But decisions change like the wind. Their decision to let this employee continue to work may shift tomorrow. They might just have her complete the day. It'll be interesting to see how this all works out. Drama. DRAMA!

Now if I was being coached? I'd be making change to my work style right and left. I'd be going out of my way to get things changed around. I wouldn't turn in what I was told as being crap. You know?

I mean, right now I'm just a cog in the system. I don't make any dramatic decisions. I don't have face-to-face contact with clients. But I do my darn-dest to do my best. Every single gosh darn day. I try to support my 8 counterparts as much as possible. Even though they each do drive me nuts at some point during the day. I still give of myself.

How about you? How are you working right now?

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