Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day gitters? Done!

Today was the kids' first day of school!

These past few days, I could tell they were both nervous about going to a new school.

The whole business about a new environment. New teachers they've never met before. AND making new friends.


They both woke up without a fuss.

Me? I woke up extra early. Even though we were going to leave the house 45 minutes later than we'd do on a typical morning.

Why? Because it was the first day. And all the parents were asked to walk their child(ren) to their rooms to meet the teacher. AND to help get their supplies in order.

My son's class is on the first floor. My daughter's class is on the second floor near the back stairwell.

The classrooms are HUGE compared to their old school. What I like is that the kids have SPACE to move around their classrooms without having to scoot around each other. Each classroom even has a window. I must say that the view from my daughter's class is pretty spectacular.

Can you  believe that tomorrow is their first half day? It's actually not HALF really. They normally start at 8:30am and get out at 2:50pm. Tomorrow they end the day at 1:10pm -- so that's about less than 1 3/4 hours fewer on their short days.

Since I'm working now, I've actually enrolled them in the before and after school program. Even though it'll be long day for them, the program allows them to get started on their homework, read books from the library, do research on the computers, and play outside. I think that last one is the most important thing to all the kids (not just mine),

Now how is it going for your kids this new school term?

Here are the kiddos outside our front door:
Here's my little guy at his desk:
Here's my girl going up to her classroom:

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