Sunday, August 29, 2010

First full week of school

My children attend a school in a district where "someone" decided that the kids would start the term on a Wednesday.

A Wednesday? WTF?

Needless to say, my kids' started school last Wednesday. My sister's three children started their new year last Monday. MONDAY!

So this will be my kids' first full week at school. And I'm sure they'll be super-tired by the end of the week. It'll be just joy-joy-joy for me!

Since it's going to be a long week for them (and for me), we had a quiet day at home today. We only ventured out to go to church. Yes. The rest of the day was home. I finished up another 3 loads of laundry & vacuumed the place while the kids lounged. Even though I was running around a little, it was so nice being able to just hang out with the kids at home.

Even better because we spent yesterday away from home. We headed out at 8am. We hit the grocery store first thing. We went to IKEA, which you all know takes AGES to get through (because there's so much to look at. We stopped by my Mom's to pick up a Phillip's and a flat-head. We then headed out to my youngest nephew's first football game. We topped off the night with a late dinner at my sister's house. We got home around 9pm. And we were ALL tired.

So the lull of today was something we all needed, don't you think?

And now? The kids are having a little snack. In a bit they'll both be in their bathrooms getting ready for bed. Ahhhh!! Did you just see the heaven's part in this Mommy's world? Oh yeah! Once the kids are in bed, I have my time. Watch what I want to watch. I get to relax all over the couch without anyone touching me. I really enjoy having that little bit of time to myself. Don't you?

I'm hoping I've got the strength (and patience) to get through this week without having too many meltdowns.

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