Monday, October 25, 2010

School spirit and athletic pride

My oldest nephew is athletic.

He's been in football since he was about 6. He was a running back when he was in pee-wees. Now he mainly kicks. He's one of the few juniors on the varsity team.

He's been in track since he was in middle school. He used to do the long jump, but now focuses on the shot put and discus (for his school), while he does the javelin for track club.

And you know what he just got last week?

He got a letterman jacket!

My sister was the one who got the catalog and she didn't stop at the first few pages. She looked through the ENTIRE catalog and saw all the available options. And it turns out that extra bit of browsing resulted in a very unique design compared to his teammates.

Is he wearing the jacket now?


It's at a seamstress right now. For the next 10 days of so.


Because he's getting all of his stuff sewn onto his jacket. His letter. His club sports patches. His name embroidered onto the back. It's going to look totally awesome.

I'm just SO proud of my nephew!

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